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Through the gifts of trust and expansion, Melanie and Raffaella have come together to share sacred space in creating Downloads for Days. Get to know their stories below:

Melanie Esperon
Cancer, Manifesting Generator, Light of the Party

Melanie Esperon was born and raised in Sunny San Diego, California as a natural Clairvoyant. In her 20’s, she lived through a forseen tragedy of her love passing away where she was brought to a place of surrender. She chose to move forward with all that she ever knew and started training extensively under the wings of public figures such as: Doreen Virtue of Hay House, Joy Guerrero of Angel Talk Café and many more. Through her own personal healing + growth and countless validations, Reiki Room San Diego was born (Est 2011).

Through the love of service, Melanie offers reiki + sound healing, intuitive readings and training + mentoring across the globe.

Raffaella Giampaolo
Libra, Reflector, Rooted in Love

From a young age, Raffaella used her intuitive and empathic nature to help others. At the age of 15, she lost her father, which led to her battle with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. After years of grieving, she reached a point where she had lost all faith in life until she was divinely guided to learn about the after-life and understand the meaning behind her loss. As she began to reconnect with her intuition she experienced a series of “chance” encounters with mediums, psychics, shamans and energy healers that further expanded her awareness. These relationships led her to discover her own healing abilities as a Claircognizant open channel & Reiki practitioner.

With the support of what she now calls her “Spirit Team”, she developed her connection to higher realms and opened up a healing practice called On Route 44 where she offers Channeled Guidance, Energy Healing, Reiki Training and Channeling & Business Mentorship in San Diego and all over the world. She inspires others to raise their vibration, heal from their past and live in alignment with their purpose. 

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  • 8 months of weekly educational videos channeled by Melanie Esperon & Raffaella Giampaolo
  • Watch videos anytime, at your own pace.
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A & Collective Energy Clearing
  • Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to rewatch any video whenever you want, as many times as you want!

After payment is received in full, you will have access to all content from 2020 infinitely.

Approximately 35 videos in 2020 (including LIVE Q&As). Watch them anytime, at your own pace.

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